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Sunday @ 10 am - Warwick Road

‘I love the joy and the love here. I feel inspired’


‘You really feel loved here - it feels safe.’


‘I love the community at St John’s. When people visit, like when I was baptised, that’s what they notice - the sense of community’


(Please note: currently Sundays@10am is on YouTube via the St John's Church Kenilworth channel. and in the building please get tickets via eventbrite - - Please only book 2 services out of 4. Children do not need tickets Unlike normal times these services take place every Sunday - we don't take a break on the 3rd Sunday. As a result although the services are relaxed and informal, they are not quite the same as the description below - in these services we are currently seeking God to see what the way forward should be).

Sundays@10am at our Warwick Rd site brings together about 100 adults and 30 children/ youth for a real celebration of what it means to worship together, learn together, pray together and grow together in following Jesus. It’s an opportunity to enjoy a contemporary worship style which allows space to reflect, to hear and understand more about what God has to say to us here and now, and to think about how we respond to that. You might be someone who’s been a Christian a long time. You might be someone who’s just asking questions about life and faith. You might be someone who’s really been put off by ‘religion’. Sundays@10am is a relaxed, informal space where we can allow God to surprise us. Most importantly of all, it’s a community where everyone can feel welcomed, loved and cared for.


‘I love the diversity of people I meet.’


‘I like the fact that it’s all age and the family of God coming together - a chance for all ages to meet.’


‘We have great fun together in our groups with a lively bunch of children.’


At Sundays@10am, you’ll find the whole spectrum of age ranges - from the youngest to the oldest. That’s one of the things we love about it! We always spend some of the time together, but most weeks there are special groups for children and young people (click here to find out more about Children’s and Youth work). We have a great team of DBS checked volunteers who run age-appropriate, Bible-based activities. Fun is a key ingredient!


‘I appreciate the variation - it doesn’t become ‘the church service’ every week’


Sundays@10am takes a variety of forms - it’s not the same each week. It’s a rich, rather than a routine diet! First Sundays of the month are All-In. As the name suggests, this is a time when adults and youngsters are all together. We take a theme from the Bible and explore it in various creative ways - including music, drama, creative writing, art and craft, discussion, soaking prayer - whatever suits your preference. It’s a time to contribute together and learn from each other. As always, there’s also the opportunity to chat and catch up over coffee!


Second and fourth Sundays each month include more in-depth Bible teaching with a variety of speakers. These explore specific themes which help to strengthen our relationship with God, with each other, and with the wider community in our town and elsewhere. We’re keen not just to hear, but to respond as well, so we allow time and space for that. We encourage people to pray for one another, to listen to what God might be saying and to be open to the Holy Spirit. Everyone has different gifts and there are lots of opportunities to share these in a variety of ways - from music to multi-media expertise! Once a month we share Communion together. We have a very Open Table for everyone making steps closer to God.


What about Third Sundays? This is one Sunday of the month when you won’t find most of us in the church building! We are creating a space each month where people can be the church outside of the building. We recognise that we live in a climate of almost constant ‘busyness’. Third Sundays allows time for us to worship through rest and building relationships - old and new. This might be through particular interests like art, music, walking, cycling, hospitality or other things we enjoy. We’re using this as an opportunity to form new communities, like extended families actively involved in mission and discipleship outside the church walls.


Why I come? I come to Sundays@10am because I find God’s love here and that takes me through the week appreciating God’s love and wanting to share it with others. If you want to give St John’s a try, Sundays@10am would be a good starting point.


If you’re looking for something more traditional, click here to find out more about 8 am services and
click here for 6 pm services. or here for 10:30 am Wednesday services. You could also try Knights Meadow, our sister church, which also meets at 10 am but in Kenilworth School. Click here for Knights Meadow.


WR Sundays@10am contact: Andrew Attwood

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