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Sunday @ 8am

This is a more traditional service.  Every week we meet to worship the Lord using the service of Holy Communion from the Book of Common Prayer.  Beautiful words, richly capturing the whole Christian message.

We relish this opportunity to begin the day in relative peace and quiet.  Although it is a ‘said’ service we do like to sing the odd hymn or two.

On the first Sunday of the month, we have a service of Morning Prayer taken from Common Worship.

Everyone is welcome to come along at 8am on Sundays and join with us. Just turn up and say hello. We are a friendly group of people and would love to meet you. If you would like to serve in this particular community there will be a place for you.

Sunday @ 10am

This is our main gathering.  Sunday @ 10am is a relaxed, informal space where we can allow God to surprise us and, most importantly, it’s a community where everyone can feel welcomed, loved and cared for. We have a weekly rhythm of services which are built around the life and ministry of Jesus. These are:

1st Sunday of the month: In God's Presence

A time we dedicate to waiting on the Holy Spirit, praying with one another, and sharing stories, words and pictures.   

2nd Sunday of the month: Hearing God's Word

A service dedicated to hearing God's Word through teaching on the Bible, discussion and prayer ministry.

​3rd Sunday of the month: Learning Christ's Ways

A service focused on learning the specific ways of Jesus and exploring how we can put these ways into practice in our day-to-day lives. 

​4th Sunday of the month: Shared Life and Mission

We share communion together with a focus on the bread and the wine.  We may also share stories of faith.  The service is followed by a social time together as a church family.  Please see the term card or Church Essentials for further details each month. 

5th Sunday of the month: Hearing God's Word

A service dedicated to hearing God's Word through teaching on the Bible, discussion and prayer ministry.

To find out more about our monthly service pattern please click here or view our current term card.

You might be someone who’s been a Christian a long time. You might be someone who’s just asking questions about life and faith. You might be someone who’s really been put off by ‘religion’. Whatever your experience with Church, if you want to give St John’s a try, Sunday @ 10am would be a good starting point.


To learn more about how we do church click here.

Sunday @ 6pm

At 6pm on Sundays the church is open for a variety of forms of service.  We offer a warm welcome to visitors and a safe place to worship.


We use the following monthly pattern:

1st Sunday: Healing & Refreshing: Come and explore God's love in an informal way and spend quiet time with Him.
2nd Sunday: Relaxed communion: using Common Worship with hymns and a sung Gloria.
3rd Sunday: Missional Prayer: a short talk leading into missional prayer
4th Sunday: Extended teaching: an in-depth look at either a topic or contemporary problem from the Bible.  The service ends in a discussion where everyone is encouraged to ask questions and take part in a dialogue.
5th Sunday: Variable

We have a choir which sings on the 2nd and 3rd Sundays.  Practices are on the preceding Friday evenings in church from 7:30-9pm. Contact Ann Gibbons or any choir member if you are interested in joining. 


In August we do something slightly different such as a Songs of Praise cream tea service, Mothers’ Union communion, Poetry and Praise or a walk followed by Compline.


This 6pm service is also live streamed via our You Tube channel. To view our current term card click here.

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