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Sunday @ 10 am - Knights Meadow

Knights Meadow Church is a small friendly group of about 50 people who meet together at 10am on Sundays to worship God and enjoy the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives, singing songs of praise, listening to excellent preaching from the Bible and to pray together. We strive to be a relaxed and caring community of Christians who enjoy welcoming people to our Church. It’s great to be able to share our faith in Jesus and to learn and encourage one another. We would like others to know who Jesus is, what He is doing in our lives and in our Community here in Kenilworth. We are a Church family who want to worship and serve God in the place where we are in our lives, with our families, neighbours, friends and colleagues. If you have recently moved into Kenilworth we know how important it is to make new friends and to feel welcome. Knights Meadow Church hopes to offer both friendship and community.


Time and Place – when and where to find us on Sundays [currently on Zoom - please contact for details]. 

Knights Meadow church meets on Sundays in Kenilworth School, Leyes Lane, CV8 2DA. We meet in the Lower School Hall for services, which start at 10am. The entrance is behind the admin / library building. We help visitors with lots of signs directing you to our Church, please follow them from the main entrance to the School on Leyes Lane. You will know you have found the right place, as the smell of coffee will welcome you from 9.30am.


Sunday Mornings – what you can expect

Our services are biblically based, quite informal and very welcoming. We always want to engage with what God and the Holy Spirit has in store for us. We have a small group of musicians who lead us in our time of worship. Bibles are available for you to use and we also have a display screen to help everyone enjoy and participate in the Service. There are also activities for small children during the service. You can be sure of a warm welcome, some inspiring and challenging preaching from the bible, people to pray with you if you wish, and opportunities to develop friendships and grow in faith.


For Christians looking for a Church – how I can get involved?

There is plenty to do at our Church and you are welcome to join in as much or as little as you wish. Some people help with practical ‘hands on’ tasks such as setting out chairs, making drinks; others will lead the service, speak, sing or play instruments. There are lots of opportunities to be involved, however, if you would just like to come along and enjoy our Services, that is fine too.


What else we do at Knights Meadow Church - activities happening at other times of the week…

In addition to Sundays, the church is active.

  • There are a number of Home groups, which meet during the week to support each other, to learn more about the Bible and to pray together.

  • There have been regular Alpha courses over the years, for those wishing to explore and ask questions about the Christian faith and a number in our church have become Christians after attending an Alpha course.

  • Others meet to pray for the church, people and our community.

  • Some are involved with Open The Book – sharing Bible stories with children during assemblies in a local primary school.

  • Recently we ran a Fun and Food Club for families during the school summer holidays.

  • Members of our Church lead an Omega Course, where participants are encouraged to talk about dying and death.

  • Many enjoy walking together as a group.

  • We enjoy socialising and sharing meals together.

  • We support Christian families and friends who work abroad, some specifically as missionaries.

  • As part of St John’s Parish, we are often involved in supporting or leading activities, events and initiatives in the St John’s area of Kenilworth.


Friendship and Community – who we are

Most people who are part of the church have moved into or back to Kenilworth at some point in their adult life. We know how important it is to make new friends and to feel welcome in our community. We hope that you will experience some of this friendship and welcome if you join us at our Sunday service.

Usually there are about 50 people, ranging in age from the very young to those in their eighties. We’ve been meeting together every week as a church for over 27 years. We’re very grateful to God who has brought us this far and excited to discover what He has in store for us as a Church in the years to come.


People’s comments - what other people say about us

I had a good time with you all; it is such a warm fellowship.’


Please have a look at a video about our Church at this link:

Leadership Team 

The leadership Team of St John’s Church, Knights Meadow is responsible to the Parochial Church Council (PCC) for maintaining a healthy church.


We have a small leadership team at Knights Meadow Church together with Andrew Attwood (Vicar).

For details of services and events, please see the parish monthly newsletter (there is a link to this on the home page).

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