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Wednesday @ 10.30am

Rumoured to be the largest midweek communion gathering in Coventry Diocese, members of this group are full of faith, with loads of experience, excellent when praying, and they love their Lord and love each other. Not only that, they often share their faith with others too. This community was one of the first to show the church how to reach and serve a particular network of people, building a sense of family and welcome over many years, seeing several new people growing in faith.


Although the age range varies, many are senior citizens, which means that there are a few things that some can’t do anymore. Despite the natural limitations of age and occasional illness this family of Christians continues to share together in many positive ways, growing in their knowledge of Jesus, often sustaining other areas of church life with faithful prayer. And it is a plain fact that many are living longer because this community sustains them with love.  But this service is not just for old people!


One feature of their time together is the common experience of God’s presence. The large team of clergy who shape and lead the services often say that the Spirit of God is very much felt in these special times. Through the familiar words of the communion service, with faith raised by inspiring teaching, this informal and friendly gathering is often a place touched by God. Members go home feeling blessed - through affirmed friendship and the strength of God’s Spirit.


A warm welcome awaits you at our Wednesday gathering.  Doors open at 10am for coffee and a chat and the service starts at 10.30am.  Please click here to see the current programme.

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