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People we support

Below is a list of charitable organisations which St John’s currently supports.  The people we support covers a range of organisations on a local, national and international level.


Each year just before the church AGM, the Mission Group decides the tithe allocation and, when the PCC has agreed it, the tithe is paid.


Church Mission Society (Balfours): (

The Church Mission Society “is called to connect with people at the edges: the edges of church, the edges of society, the edges of our comfort zones. And we’re always looking for others who will join us at edges near and far, to help share God’s love in creative ways, knowing that person-by-person, community-by-community, this is how we will see our world made new.”

The Balfours are our mission contact, friends of Andrew and Lindsey and working in Guatemala. (Prayer letter on request from Church Admin).


Crosslinks (Robinsons): (

Another international link: the Robinsons, who visited the church a year or so ago and spoke at 6pm, work in Bangkok with disadvantaged children and families. (Prayer letter on request).


Bible Society: (

Their website says," We believe the Bible is God's gift to the world. We want everyone to discover its message for them.  Because of that, we translate the Bible and make it accessible in people's heart languages. We bring it into public spaces where its voice can be heard, for instance through the National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast or The Pitch film fund. We tell its stories, for instance through the Open the Book programme with primary-age children. We encourage people who've never thought the Bible was for them to explore it for themselves, and see life through a different lens."


Bethlehem School: (

This is supported by Coventry Cathedral.  Church member John Radford was instrumental in helping set up the support.

Their website says: "Some time ago, a group of Syrian Orthodox Christians, originally from the borders of Turkey and Syria, made their home in Bethlehem. For many years the community dreamed of a school of their own where their traditions and especially the Aramaic language - the language that Jesus spoke - could be taught.

In 2000, a group of pilgrims from Coventry Diocese visited this community in Bethlehem and witnessed the plight of the children. On their return they were so moved by the situation that a support group was established to raise funds to help realise the community's dream and with significant funding from the Barnabas Fund a site was acquired which local workers transformed into the beautiful school that stands there today.


In September 2003 the school opened with 15 children. The quality, care and education was quickly recognised and the demand for places grew rapidly necessitating the need for more room. A third floor was added in 2006 providing 5 more classrooms. The school was officially opened in September 2006 with many foreign and local dignitaries attending. Canon Justin Welby represented Coventry Cathedral on behalf of the Bishop of Coventry, Bishop Colin and presented them a Cross of Nails."


Kenilworth/Uyogo Link: (

“The charity exists for the protection of health, the relief of poverty and the advancement of education of the people of the Tabora region of Tanzania and in particular the village of Uyogo. In addition, we seek to foster a continuing link of friendship between the people of the community of Uyogo and the people of Kenilworth.

The link started in 1979, when the people of Kenilworth raised over £2,400 for its International Year of the Child project to enable a Mother and Child clinic to be built and equipped in the village of Uyogo in the Tabora Region of Tanzania, using local materials and labour.”


Spring Playgroup: (

Their website says: " We provide stimulating play-based learning sessions, for all children from the age of two to pre-school. In 2020 we celebrated 30 years of serving children and their families in Kenilworth, Warwickshire.

 The Spring Playgroup has a Christian foundation – our Supervisor and our Trustees are practising Christians – and our faith supports our work.

Please get in touch if you are interested in finding out more.”


Kenilworth Youth For Christ: (
Based in the Cavern, Dave Boyle, the centre director, works with young people in local schools and churches. 


Church Army: (

The Church Army's mission is as follows: “We want everyone everywhere to encounter God’s love and be empowered to transform their communities through faith shared in words and action. Our work is unconditional, tackling social deprivation through partnership and collaboration to help empower individuals and communities.”


Crossteach: (

The mission of Crossteach is to teach about the Christian faith in schools.

“Our vision: For pupils to develop spiritually through understanding, engaging with and responding to the Christian faith.”


Flourish: (
This is a Warwickshire based charity, fulfilling our mission to support local groups as well as national and international.
“We work with girls who might feel isolated, pressured, anxious, or simply sad, and need a safe space to be accepted and listened to.   Often, they aren’t sure who to talk to or how to move forwards.”


Tastelife: (

Tastelife is about just that: tasting life. Tastelife believes in breaking free from eating disorders and rediscovering life in all its fullness. 
Tastelife offers hope for sufferers and help for their supporters through the tastelife eight-session community course.  (Please contact Di Archer for more information).

CHIT (Children's homes in India trust): (
CHIT  (Childrens Homes in India Trust) started in 2005 and  is a small Christian charity which supports children in Andhra Pradesh  (halfway along the eastern coast) .We have two homes, one in Bapatla and one in Nidamarru .
We look after children in a residential setting who are amongst the poorest in society (some of whom are orphans ).   We provide food, clothing and assistance with education for 200 children. 

We also support HIV positive children in their own communities as well as a few other children with chronic medical conditions. Recently during the Covid Pandemic we have started supporting the education of very young children from a disadvantaged tribe called the Yannadi, as well as providing practical help for the rest of their families. ‘


Compassionate Kenilworth: (

Compassionate Kenilworth “is a group of local volunteers who first rose to face the challenge of the pandemic, keeping people safe at home. Our focus now is to reduce the social isolation and loneliness we witnessed to improve health outcomes, and help make our town a happier place to live.

Working alongside existing service providers, we are mapping the community, identifying and filling gaps in provision and mobilising charities, volunteers, and funders to deliver needful projects. We consult with the community, and all existing service providers including surgeries and the local authority, when assessing that need.”

One of the Compassionate Kenilworth projects, which we seek to support as a church and a community, is the work that is being done with asylum seekers who are currently being housed locally.

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