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Sunday @ 8am

Every week we meet to worship the Lord using the service of Holy Communion or Morning Prayer from the Book of Common Prayer. There are usually more than 20 of us and we share a love for God and for each other. 


Jesus, when talking about sharing bread and wine, commanded “Do this in remembrance of me” and there has been an unbroken chain of practice ever since. Celebrating Holy Communion every week at 8.00 am. has only been a tradition in many Anglican churches since around 1830 – not long before St. John’s was built. Before then many churches only offered Communion every quarter. The form of service, on which ours is based, was first published in 1662 and the language used, though old-fashioned, is not only very beautiful but it is also biblical and powerful. There is something very special about being able to link with the words of worship of those who have been here in the past.

Sometimes, however, an ordained priest is unavailable, and on those occasions a simple morning service is held.


We also appreciate the opportunity to begin the first day of the week in relative peace and quiet. Not that we don’t like to make a joyful noise to the Lord, as a good number of this community will also be found at other celebrations at St. John’s. A peaceful time around the holy table and around God’s word as we learn together is not only good; it can also be powerful as we pray for others and challenging as we ask God to speak to us.


Although this is a “said” service, in that everything is said rather than sung or chanted, we are not averse to singing the occasional hymn if there’s an organist in the house.


Interested to find out more?

Everyone is welcome to come along at 8.00 am. on Sundays and join with us. Just turn up and say hello. We are a friendly group of people and would love to meet you. If you would like to serve in this particular community there will be a place for you.



"For me the 8.00 am service is very special. the continuity of people participating in a service that goes back to the Reformation is mind-blowing." - Hilary


"8.00 am Communion is a time for peace and reflection in a quiet community of friends." - Mary


"I come to the 8.00 am service to ask forgiveness of my sins and for guidance in all I do." - John


8.00 am. Community Team: Services led by


Rev. Andrew Attwood

Rev. Andrew Haines

Rev. Mary Rai

Anthony Manning

Val Whiteman

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