St. John's Parochial Church Council (PCC) Policies

The Parochial Church Council is like a Board of Directors for the local church.

One of the PCC's roles is to define policies for the church staff, volunteers and congregation. This page lists the policies that currently apply.

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Memorial Garden Leaflet

The leaflet (issued May 2017) summarises the rules for the interment of ashes in the St. John's Church Memorial Garden and for laying of flowers on the plots.

We hope that our memorial garden will provide a space for mourning, remembering, reflecting and praying. Its simplicity is in keeping with the design of the church and is intended to focus attention on departed loved ones and their maker.

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Memorial Garden Policy

The document (issued May 2017)  sets out how St John’s plans to use the memorial garden created in March 2017 as part of the church reordering project 2014-2017.

Rules and procedures for memorial gardens are set out in Diocesan guidance. Faculty approval for our garden was obtained in November 2016.

A Garden of Remembrance allows for the interment of ashes of loved ones.

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HR Policy

The document (revised June 2021) includes

  • Principles of selecting people for roles

  • Beliefs and values underpinning the policy

  • Induction and training policies for the roles

  • Supervision and support policies

  • Problem resolution policies

  • Disciplinary procedures


Use of Social Media

Promoting a safer Church

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and other forms of social media can be a blessing, but need to be used wisely. This St. John's policy document, based on the Parish Safeguarding Handbook March 2021, sets some boundaries.


Use of ICT

Promoting a safer Church

Information and Communication Technologies enable speedier administration and interaction, but come with social, legal, financial and security risks. This St. John's policy document sets rules on the use of ICT in the parish.

Holding Hands

Safeguarding (1)

Promoting a safer Church

St. Johns has adopted the Diocese of Coventry Safeguarding Policy:

Holding Hands

Safeguarding (2)

Procedure for Responding to a Safeguarding Concern or Allegation

This procedure must be followed by all church officers1 and it is strongly recommended for all other church members.

The document lists do's and dont's, and provides a flowchart of the procedure. 


Safeguarding (3)

Policy Statement on the Recruitment of Ex-Offenders:

St Johns has adopted the Diocese of Coventry Policy:

Helping Hands

Safeguarding (4): Action Plan

This document has been developed to guide Safeguarding work in the church over the period April 2021 to March 2022. It is based on:
* Information from the Parish Safeguarding dashboard
* Discussion with wardens and Vicar
* Requirements derived from Diocesan training courses

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Conflict of Interest Policy

There is a duty to declare an interest where a potential or actual conflict of interests arises, in advance of any proposed transaction or arrangement being decided by the PCC and entered into.

The Document defines "conflict of interest" and gives details of management procedures

Ancient Coins

Finance Policy

The document defines policies for:

  • Roles of people and groups

  • Finance controls

  • Reserves policy

  • Accounting policies

  • Mission Giving

  • Parish Share

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Health & Safety Policy

The document is in three main parts:

  • General statement of policy

  • Organisation and responsibilities

  • Arrangements

The third part lists items available to assist in ensuring safety, as well as listing those who are qualified First Aiders. It also includes procedures to be followed in case of fire, procedures for handling electrical items, heavy items and food among other things.

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Election Procedures

The document specifies:

  • Election of Churchwardens and Assistant Churchwardens

  • Election to PCC and Deanery Synod

  • General election procedures

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Infant Baptism Policy

The document describes:

  • The background to the policy

  • Requirements on the parents

  • The process

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Risk Management Policy

This document provides details of the approach to risk management adopted by the PCC of St John's Church, Kenilworth. It is intended to provide part of the governance required by the PCC to ensure that the PCC, as Trustees of the charity, identify and evaluate possible risks, are aware of those that have been recognised (and are on the risk register) and regularly assess how those risks are being managed.

 Scales of Justice

Complaints Policy

The procedure for dealing with a complaint or grievance is formed of three main stages:

    1. Receipt of complaint and initial assessment
    2. Informal problem solving
    3. Formal procedure

For details, see the document:

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Data Protection Policy

This document sets out the Data Protection policy of the PCC of St John's Church Kenilworth with regard to the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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Data Privacy Notices

The document includes:

  • Our legal basis for processing your data

  • Personal Data we hold

  • Purposes for which the Data will be processed

  • Third Parties to which information may be disclosed

  • Security and Confidentiality

  • Special Category Data

  • Retention of the Data

  • Data owner rights

  • Contacts
View Document

Policies in Preparation

(will be made available once agreed by PCC)

  • Children at Communion Policy

  • Garden of Remembrance policy and procedures

  • Church premises policy

  • Church hall – information for hirers

  • Access and Disability Policy