Our Purpose as a local church in Kenilworth is summed up in one sentence:

Becoming like Jesus, making disciples, bringing real change.

Becoming like Jesus

We want all people to enter into a living relationship with Jesus, and to steadily learn how

to follow him. We look for people to follow him in such a way that, becoming like Jesus in

love, character and obedience, they too are led and empowered by the Holy Spirit to live

joyfully and effectively as God intends. This includes making other disciples too.


Making disciples

We prioritise friendship and creative community life to help us show care and over time to

make disciples. We want every person that we are in contact with to know God’s love and

truth, and to have many opportunities to become a real and active follower of Jesus Christ.

As we integrate new people into God’s family, we want to grow new disciples who can also

make disciples, making a positive difference in God’s world.


Bringing real change

We want to make a tangible and positive impact on our town’s culture and activity, by

engaging with existing activity and creating new, godly, life-giving and loving experiences

for people to enjoy and embrace. We want negative and unhelpful social or cultural

problems to be overcome by the love and wisdom of Jesus - expressed through his

inspired local church, so that lives and local provision for all kinds of needs are changed

for the better. This engagement begins in and is based in Kenilworth, but stretches beyond

here even to positive activities we support in other nations.


Mission-Shaped Communities

The primary vehicle we are beginning to use more is a mission-shaped community, where

people are led by Jesus to engage with networks and needs beyond church. Through

friendship with people where they are we intend to develop communities of faith all over

Kenilworth, gathering together on most Sundays but scattered out elsewhere at times.

Through relationship and intentional discipling with new and existing people we intend to

build a church that can thrive in our land in this time of national change.

Contact Us

ADDRESS: 205 Warwick Rd, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 1HY, UK

TEL:07734 489835  |  Admin@stjohn316.co.uk

Office Hours are: 9-1 Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday. 1-5 Thursday

Registered Charity no. 1126412

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