St. John's Parochial Church Council (PCC)

and Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM)

Documents and Forms

The Parochial Church Council is like a Board of Directors for the local church.

Every year (normally in April, but in 2020 it will be October) a meeting is held to adopt the annual report and elect or re-elect church wardens, council members for the parish, deanery and diocesan synod representatives and sidesmen 

In order to be able to vote at these meetings, members need to be on the church electoral roll.

Minutes of 2019 Annual Parochial Church Meeting

Draft document.

The purpose of the Annual Parochial Church Meeting is to elect Assistant Churchwardens, Deputy Churchwardens, Parochial Church Council representatives and Deanery Synod representatives. The meeting also receives the Trustees' Annual Report, the Electoral Roll Report, the Treasurer's Report and the Churchwarden Report. It also appoints an Auditor or Independent Examiner for the current year.

Minutes of 2019 Annual Parishioners Meeting

Draft document.

The purpose of the Annual Parishioners Meeting, normally held immediately before the Annual Parochial Church Meeting, is to elect the churchwardens.

Electoral Roll form

"Application for enrolment on the electoral roll"

Once on the electoral roll, you remain until you choose to come off or when the electoral roll has to be completely remade (every six years). More details are in this form.

Churchwarden nomination form

"Nomination of candidate for election as Churchwarden"


A churchwarden is similar in position to chief operating officer of a company. There are normally two in a parish. 

A summary of duties can be found at:

PCC/Diocesan rep nomination form

The same form is used for nomination to the parochial church council and the Kenilworth Deanery Synod

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